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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones: Garrett Not On Shaky Ground; Announcement Coming On Kellen Moore

January 30, 2019 - 6:45 pm

By Josh Clark and Mike Fisher

ATLANTA (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones abruptly called in to the "Ben and Skin Show" on Wednesday and touched on multiple subjects. 

Ben and Skin were joined by Cowboys' insider Mike Fisher on Super Bowl radio row in Atlanta when Jones called in to provide clarity - and to poke fun at - the conversation. 

Jones said the team's decision to not make any coaching position announcments have nothing to do with head coach Jason Garrett's future with the team.

"We've made several committments and the reason it's not being talked about isn't because Jason is on shaky ground or isn't on solid ground," Jones said. "We're putting together different ideas and we don't want it to be a featured topic around the Super Bowl."

"The facts are, we think a lot of Kellen. ... The facts are, he's really going to contribute his fresh ideas," Jones said. "I want their ideas (young coaches including Moore and Marc Colombo), I want their preference, I want them to lay in front of a train to get it implemented into what we're doing offensively. I'll assure you it'll be a collaborative effort and that's how we're going to handle it."

When asked if Garrett would be willing to entertain fresh ideas from the rest of the coaching staff, Jones said would be. 

"Of course," Jones said. "He's got a very pragmatic approach to how to win games. But on the other hand, he's very aware of where we are with offenses today as compared to when he played."

Addtionally, Jones said Garrett will be making an announcement soon regarding the elevation of offensive assistant Kellen Moore - a potential hint at who might be calling plays next season. 

"Jason's going to be making an announcement here real quickly, but make no mistake about it... he's going to be a key guy in what play is run on that football field - and by key, probably have the ultimate responsibility."  

When pushed on the specifics of a Garrett contract extension, Jones was non-committal but praised the long-time head coach.