Cowboys Jerry Sees Randy Gregory Playing In Week 1

Mike Fisher
August 13, 2018 - 10:10 am
Randy Gregory



OXNARD (105.3 The Fan) - It was two weeks ago when we wrote in this space that the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff might want to accelerate the on-field work of Randy Gregory because, sources had indicated to us, ownership was going to be insistent on Gregory making the final 53-man roster. ... and if you're going to be on the 53, you might as well be ready to be on the 46-man gameday roster.

On Sunday, ownership -- in the form of Jerry Jones himself -- moved this story from "sources'' to something close to official.

“Yes … yes … yes I do,” said Jones when asked if he envisions Gregory playing in Week 1 of the regular season. “I did notice some of his trademark skill out there on a couple of snaps he took out there today. You can see some of his sleekness that he has. He’s got the ability to create some pressure.”

Gregory worked in pads and in practice for the first time in two years on Sunday at training camp in Oxnard, continuing his comeback from a lengthy drug-program suspension. Gregory indicates to me that he's closer to 255 pounds than the 235 pounds that he registered at when he was a second-round pick in 2015. ... and as one team source told me, he "looks the part'' of an NFL standout.

Gregory didn’t play in Week 1 of the preseason at the Niners on Thursday. I don't think he's likely to play this week vs. Cincinnati back at AT&T Stadium. But preseason Game 3 is a "dress rehearsal,'' as close to a "real game'' as the Cowboys are going to get before they begin the regular season in Week 1 against Carolina.

That's going to be Gregory's time.

“Everyone out here is rooting for him,” Jones said. “We’ve certainly had players that have had challenges. We’ve had players that have overcome that and get to play in the National Football League. When you have one like him, it gives you a lot of promise.”

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