Cory’s Corner: Washington Week Warmup

Cory Mageors
September 13, 2019 - 2:00 pm
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

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Hopefully, Washington Week hasn’t lost its luster to Cowboys players who are eyeing a Super Bowl shot. After talking to a few D.C. residents, the understanding is that more Cowboys fans navigate FedEx Field than Washington fans simply because the fan base in D.C. has lost its luster for the organization.

The owner meddles, the front office is a turnstile of insecurity and the players don’t trust anybody from the top to the bottom.

For a quarterback like Dak Prescott who believes he is a championship type quarterback whether the rest of the world believes or not, this shouldn’t be anything close to a trap game.

Coming off a wonderful week against the Giants shouldn’t get Prescott and co. too hype, they aren’t the type of team that buys into it. They are the type of team that plays, forgets, criticizes itself for shortcomings and tries to fix and replicate the good.

One side is going to have the Washington Week passion for four entire quarters, and I don’t think Washington will be able to keep that energy.


Run vs Run stop

The Cowboys in the last two games played (including the playoff game against the Rams) have been abysmal stopping the run game.

The Hot Boyz have given up 424 rushing yards and 4 TD’s in those two games, so the current sample size and that’s for a team that was ranked 5th in rushing yards given up last season.

Did somebody find the blueprint? I feel like if Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard can establish some consistency in their defensive line and rotations, that will change.

Adrienne Peterson is a handful, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be stopped. His coach, as many of his coaches have been, is worn out by hearing a formerly elite RB who think’s he’s still that guy yelling at him to feed him the rock. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

Peterson had 99 yards in one game and 35 in the other against Dallas last year, if the Cowboys put up points consistently offensively, Peterson likely become an afterthought in this game.


Norman on Prescott

Josh Norman has had a lot of things to say about the Cowboys offense, and that’s fantastic. Nothing better than a little extra juice from an opponent that doesn’t really know enough about your offense yet to understand how it can beat you.

Yes Prescott had time in the pocket to make all of his reads, you also heard Jason Garrett come to him after his TD to Blake Jarwin and tell him the pocket was clean so take your time and trust the protection.

After that, the reads became faster, the game slowed down for Dak and the TD’s began to pour on.

The Giants pressured Prescott very little last week, but I’m not sure Washington’s defensive front will be able to get the pressure they want with a four man front alone, if they do have to rely on blitz, that should definitely open up some wide receivers who have proven they can punish you in the Kellen Moore offense.


Norman on Amari

If Norman and the Washington coaches think that having Norman follow Amari Cooper around is in their best interest, I hope they decide to pair a safety with him all day.

In 1-on-1 battles, Cooper is frightening. So much so that a rookie DB for the Giants Deandre Baker started backpedalling and breaking down beforw the snap and had to embarrassingly step back up to the line across from Cooper.

Cooper asked him if he was scared and then caught a touchdown pass, running right past him. Beautiful touch on the throw from Dak btw.

Norman has been a very talented cornerback in this league, but Cooper and Prescott are just now scratching the surface of their bond and the route running, speed and power Cooper has plus his competitive mindset is likely going to come out well. Plus if Cooper proves that 1-on-1 coverage isn’t cutting it, then that will open up so many other facets of the passing game when they have to use a safety and still want to blitz.


Where to Watch

This game is going to be fun. Enjoy it with some friends in me and Kevin Hageland. 3090 Olive in South Victory 25,000 square feet, 6 bars, food & 24 foot LED SCREEN!!!

Let’s party

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