Beasley Praises Prescott's Late Game Heroics In Win Over Giants

Josh Clark
January 02, 2019 - 6:12 pm
Cole Beasley

USA Today


There was one minute and 19 seconds left on the clock and the Cowboys were down by a touchdown and an extra point. Quarterback Dak Prescott was still in the game despite it having no barring on their place in the NFC playoffs. 

On 4th and 15 at the Giants' 32-yard-line, Prescott approached his offensive line to run the play. He saw the Giants defensive alignment and motioned over to wide receiver Cole Beasley to run a different route (a slot slugo). 

"Dak gave me a different route at the line because we thought they were going to go all-out (blitz). And even though they didn't, the route he gave me worked because the nickel was outside leverage on me and he had help from the safety."

Center Joe Looney snapped the ball to Prescott and Beasley took off. 

"So as soon as I broke in on the slant, the safety ran up. ... And, initially, I thought 'I'm wide open.' Then I look over my inside shoulder and didn't see him at all (Prescott), and I'm like 'where is he?'

Prescott was running for his life and spun out of trouble from the Giants' pass rushers and suddenly sees Beasley sprinting across the end zone. 

"Then, I look over to my left and I see him scrambling the other way, so I just took off that way and he dropped an absolute dime," Beasley said. "It was literally, that was probably the only place he could have put it, and (I) just stretched out and made the catch."

Touchdown, Cowboys. Add in a two-point conversion and the Cowboys were leaving the Meadowlands with arguably one of the most meaningful wins of the season. 

"It was a sweet play, man. It was sweet to be a part of. I've actually never been in a position to have a game-winning touchdown before. So it was really cool."

A lot has been made about Prescott's ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage. Anyone can see that he hasn't done it nearly as much as the guy he took over for in 2016, but that has changed a little bit in 2018, according to his receiver.  

"It hasn't increased a lot (changing routes at the line) but it has increased a little bit. I think as he gets more and more comfortable and they (the coaches) get more comfortable with him, then they're going to give him free rein to check some stuff if he sees anything better."

Beasley and Cowboys fans can only hope that Prescott continues to see better route-options in 2019.