Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor

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Banister: Odor Will Play But "This Is A Merit-Based Business"

May 10, 2018 - 4:34 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister confirmed the club was hoping to get second baseman Rougned Odor back for this weekend's series against the Houston Astros. 

While Banny told the GBAG Nation on 105.3 The Fan that Odor will play when he returns, he acknowledged that the club wants to see him perform, especially when Jurickson Profar and Isiah Kiner-Falefa have been performing adequately in him and Elvis Andrus' absence. 

"You want more from a guy that you see so much potential in, right? For us, if he's healthy, and he gets through the next day, we'd like to get him back with us as quickly as we can. We love having him in the lineup. He's a threat for us," Bannister said. "We do know that we have a couple guys up here that have been doing okay for themselves as well. They have kind of pushed the envelope of 'what are we going to do when Rougie gets back,' and that's fair. 

When Rougie gets back, he's going to play. (Now) you've got to put numbers on the board. It's a meritorious business. We're in the business of winning baseball games and developing baseball players also. So, the situation for us now, we'd like to see some internal competition for these guys to get out there and put the best players we can (on the field) to give us a winning environment."

Profar will continue to play shortstop while Andrus remains out with a broken bone in his elbow. He's currently hitting .220 with two home runs and 14 RBI in 109 at-bats. He has shown some plate discipline, however, and has walked 14 times.

Kiner-Falefa should remain on the roster as the team's utility infielder until Elvis returns. He hitting .255 with two home runs and 11 RBI in 98 at-bats. 

Listen to the entire interview with Bannister below: