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Mavs Win Tiebreaker With Hawks, Get Third Slot In Pre-Lottery Standings

April 13, 2018 - 5:07 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The Dallas Mavericks won the coin flip tiebreaker over the Atlanta Hawks on Friday afternoon, guaranteeing them no worse than the sixth overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft.

Despite winning the coin flip, both the Mavs and Hawks will have the same odds of landing a pick in the top-3. The coin flip solely is used for the purpose of determining where the teams stand ahead of the lottery drawing on May 15.

The only way the coin flip comes into play is if Dallas and Atlanta are jumped in the lottery by a team behind them in the standings. 

For example, say the lottery draw ends with the Phoenix Suns getting the first pick, the Memphis Grizzlies getting the second and the Chicago Bulls ending up with the third pick ... because Dallas won the coin flip, they'd be the fourth pick and Atlanta would pick fifth.

According to Bobby Karalla of, the Mavericks have a 95 percent chance of landing a top-5 pick.

Lottery odds: Dallas has a 42.6 percent chance of landing a top-3 pick and a 13.8 percent chance of winning the No. 1 overall pick. 

Lottery odds for every team, courtesy of Tankathon:

1st: Phoenix Suns:

No. 1 overall pick: 25%

Top-3: 64.2%

2nd: Memphis Grizzlies:

No. 1 overall pick: 19.9%

Top-3: 55.8%

3rd: Dallas Mavericks:

No. 1 overall pick: 13.8%

Top-3: 42.6%

3rd: Atlanta Hawks:

No. 1 overall pick: 13.7%

Top-3: 42.3%

5th: Orlando Magic: 

No. 1 overall pick: 8.8%

Top-3: 29.1%

6th: Chicago Bulls:

No. 1 overall pick: 5.3%

Top-3: 18.3%

6th: Sacramento Kings:

No. 1 overall pick: 5.3%

Top-3: 18.3%

8th: Cleveland Cavaliers (via Brooklyn Nets):

No. 1 overall pick: 2.8%

Top-3: 9.9%

9th: New York Knicks:

No. 1 overall pick: 6.1%

Top-3: 1.7%

10th: Philadelphia 76ers (via L.A. Lakers):

No. 1 overall pick: 1.1%

Top-3: 4.0%

11th: Charlotte Hornets:

No. 1 overall pick: 0.8%

Top-3: 2.9%

12: L.A. Clippers (via Detroit Pistons):

No. 1 overall pick: 0.7%

Top-3: 2.5%

13th: L.A. Clippers:

No. 1 overall pick: 0.6%

Top-3: 2.2.%

14th: Denver Nuggets:

No. 1 overall pick: 0.5%

Top-3: 1.8%