Mageors: Dak Could Own Every Cowboys Passing Record

Cory Mageors
May 14, 2018 - 12:52 pm
Dak Prescott

Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


If Dak Prescott plays healthy for the next 8 years he’ll own every passing record in the Cowboys book.


Now, permission to explode. Lose your mind. Disagree. FREAK OUT!

The other day on The K&C Masterpiece this discussion took place.

“He owns every passing record in the Cowboys books,” Colby Sapp said.

“Tony’s numbers are the first in the Cowboys books in the true passing era,” Kevin Hageland said. “I’d be interested to see how those numbers hold up in the future.”

So I decided to take a look and based on the two-year sample size we have, I think Dak, if healthy over a 10 years, will top the Cowboys record books.

I tweeted this out and people lost it.

I know, I’ve seen the video where he and Dez couldn’t connect on what felt like a hundred bajillion passes. Somehow he still completed 62.9 percent of his passes in 2017.

Oddly, his career completion percentage after just two seasons is 65.2 percent. So if he wants to match Tony Romo there, he’ll need a career average of more than 65.3 percent. That might be way too much to overcome. Maybe not.

He won’t even sniff the passing yards

Currently, Romo sits atop the passing yards board with 34,183 passing yards over his 13-year career.

Dak currently has 6,991 passing yards. Divide that by two (the two years he’s played so far) puts you at 3,495, multiply that by 10 (the possible 10 years of healthy football) and his career passing yards is 34,950.

Doesn’t seem so lol-able anymore does it twitter?

Tony threw way more touchdowns

At the moment, Romo has 248 TD’s. Dak has 45 in two years. TWO YEARS!

At his current rate, over a 10-year period, he would amass 225. Which wouldn’t be enough to surpass Romo. I will concede this one based on statistics but I will also say it’s within the realm of possibility that he has a few seasons of 25+ TD passes. I’m willing to bet he will have more positive years than negative with the way he likes to protect the football.

Well he has no Dez to rely on in the red zone

You’re right. Dez caught 14 of Dak’s 45 touchdown passes. That puts him at around 31 percent of his TD output.

I will also concede that in the red zone from here on, you’ll likely get a healthy dose of Zeke and Dak RPO, especially without Jason Witten on the field anymore. Making up that 31 percent will not be easy. Still I’m willing to bet he finds himself a reliable and viable receiver in the red zone or one that is able to get over the top for big plays when defenses bite on play action.

Speaking of play action, take a look at these numbers courtesy of @Marcus_Mosher

Prescott Passer Rating on PA Passes 2017: 104.5

Prescott Passer Rating on non-PA passes in 2017: 81.8

Prescott Passer Rating on PA Passes with Zeke: 117.5

Prescott Passer Rating on non-PA passes without Zeke: 75.4

For PA to work the run game has to work effectively, which I surmise it will. Dak is fantastic when the run game works well.

So for Dak to have a good year he needs everything around him to work well


Check out this tweet from Dave Helman at

The dude was putting up fantastic numbers when everything around him was going the way it was supposed to. And I’m willing to bet everybody who is getting their argument ready right now has once said “Well Tony had a terrible defense,” or “Tony had no running game” or “Tony never had the offensive line that could block for him.”

On that last one, he did and they owned everything in 2014 #DezCaughtIt and Romo had the most efficient year of his career.

In Dak’s first year he was sacked 25 times. He was taken down 7 more times in 2017 at 32. In the Atlanta game alone, he was sacked 8 times. Put Tyron on the field and you probably have similar sack numbers to the season before and a playoff game.

So, get the run game going and get the o-line healthy and I’ll take the bet any day that Dak’s number skyrocket.

Tony had more game winning drives

Romo had 29 in his career according to Pro Football Reference, and if you take away 4 injury seasons that’s 3.22 per season. Dak has 9 in his first two years, math says that’s 4.5. So I’m willing to say Dak can lead the team down to score if need be in the fourth quarter for a win.

He had a sophomore slump

He had 345 yards less passing, 1 less TD and 9 more INT’s than his rookie year.

Yeah well he'll have to stay healthy to do it

I guess that's why I said if he plays 10 years healthy. 

Look, everybody wants to bash this guy for not having won the Super Bowl in his first two seasons, but I don’t see what the problem is with hoping he turns into the quarterback the Cowboys need.

We all loved Romo and the dude gave us everything he had, but that era has officially ended with the exits of Dez and Witten.

Dak is efficient, protects the ball, plays within the offense and carries himself in a manner in which the team is willing to support and follow.

I’m skeptical as to whether or not he can keep up the pace because he’s been so good early on in his career, and yes I feel his accuracy is not the greatest the NFL has to offer, but he deserves the next two years to see whether or not he will be the franchise guy for this team, and if the first two years are any indication as to whether or not he will be signing one of those $35m a year deals, then I think he will.

Those franchise numbers will just continue to stack up after that.