Jerry Jones

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Jones Says Cowboys Treating Game Vs Tampa Bay "Like A Playoff Game"

December 21, 2018 - 10:58 am

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - When it comes urgency in the NFL, Jerry Jones belives that the Dallas Cowboys need to win...and right away!

As of the week, it's a tight race in the NFC East with no clear top dog. But the Cowboys are one win away from winning the NFC East title and Jerry wants a win, and he wants it bad. 

"I feel like this is a playoff game this Sunday"said Jones on his weekly show with The Fan's GBag Nation.

After suffering a humiliating loss to the Colts, Jones says the Cowboys have dialed up the intensity during practice this past week.

"We have really turned it up, been more physical in preparing, we are no holds barred" said Jones. 

Giving updates on the player injuries, Jones says Zack Martin would be a game-day decision, and that Tyron Smith is "thumbs-up and on go."

Speaking of Tyron, The Fan's Jeff Cavanaugh told Jerry he thinks many of Tyron's penalties were "hogwash," and Jones agreed.

"I think they are too" said Jones. "When DeMarcus Ware was here he got called offsides because he was so quick. He wasn't offsides. Tyron has a level of excellence that the results of it, neutralizing the defensive player, implies 'well he must be holding'."

When asked about the Cowboys 'red zone' issues, not scoring on strong drives, Jones agreed the team needed work.

"We've known this is an area we need to work on for the last couple months" said Jones. "Let's hope some of what we've been working on the last several weeks starts bearing fruit."