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Owner Jerry Jones Says Cowboys Need To Find "Balance"

October 12, 2018 - 11:07 am

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - With the Dallas Cowboys coming off a Week 5 loss to the Texans, team owner Jerry Jones says they need to find "balance" in facing a tough Jaguars team this weekend. 

Talking on his weekly show with The Fan's GBag Nation, Jerry Jones thinks the balance the team needs may be in the form of getting more action for quarterback Dak Prescott. 

When asked if he thinks his team can score against a proven Jaguars defense, Jones said "We need to get our balance going...that's what's dicey about this. We are within reach of getting our offense going."

When asked about specifics, Jones said the Cowboys can possibly get that "balance" by injecting Dak into the running game, getting Ezekiel Elliott more involved in the passing game and utilizing Cole Beasley more.

"You have to have his (Dak's) threat of the run in our game to do some things you want to do with Zeke." said Jones. Other adjustments Jones would like to see include Elliott, Beasley and deep passing.

When asked about Ezekiel Elliott limping during the game against Houston, Jones didn't see it as a problem saying Zeke wasn't compromised by injury at all previously. Jones said he remembers Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith getting up from runs and looking hobbled the same way Zeke did. "He got right back out there." said Jones. 

Along with the hint of distention in the Cowboys locker room with the recent comment bm WR Allen Hurns and comments from the fans about the confidence in coach Jason Garrett, Jones is still standing behind his head coach. 

"He's the real deal" said Jones when it comes to answering the tough questions. "He thinks it through, he works very hard. There's no fraud in Jason Garrett. Does he have some things he could do better? Of course. But what I think we have here is an asset that will get us to where we want to go, which is a championship."