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Jerry Jones Says Cowboys Have Found 'Balance' Heading To Washington; Believes Dak Is 'Long-Term' QB

October 19, 2018 - 10:59 am

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes his team has finally found its 'balance' following the blow-out win over Jacksonville last week and that QB Dak Prescott is the long-term QB. 

Appearing on his weekly show on The Fan, Jones went back to his thoughts on both the offense and defense finally finding balance to continue to win football games. 

"No one knew we would have that kind of game" against Jaskcsonville, said Jones. "I feel the balance we have in our offense and defense will be better this week as is was last week."

"I think it's right to say our team is better than when we started the season" said Jones.  

"We're confident in the personnel that we have here' said Jones on how they feel about their WR corp and if they could look for help. "And yes, a bad game or an extraordinary event up in Washington, playing well or bad, will impact what do as we go forward." 

Asked again if he feels that quarterback Dak Prescott is a long-term leader for the team, Jones continued to vocie his support. "Because I've seen him do the things that give you long-term promise for a quarterback" said Jones. "He has all the tools," mentioning Dak's arm, size and passing instincts. "I've seen things. He is diligent in his preparation, he carries it to the practice field, and from the practice field to the game."