Is Garrett 6 Wins Away From Being Third Best Coach In Cowboys History?

Kevin Hageland
December 10, 2018 - 6:56 pm
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett

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Jason Garrett is the eighth head coach of a franchise that dates back to 1960.

And the two best coaches the Dallas Cowboys ever had are the first two (Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson). Disagree? … Seriously?? Well, if you disagree, you are wrong.

But who is the third best Cowboys coach ever? This discussion seems far more interesting.

The obvious answer is Barry Switzer – he did, after all, lead the team to its only non-Landry or Jimmy Super Bowl appearance and victory. But some think he did very little and simply coasted off Johnson’s players. So, perhaps you’re a Bill Parcells guy – I mean, he did get the Cowboys AT&T Stadium. Maybe Wade Phillips is your guy – multiple division titles, third best winning percentage in team history. Could it be that you back Chan Gailey? He did make the playoffs both his seasons here and was probably run off too early. Or maybe you choose Dave Campo … cause … um … well, for no reason – sorry Dave, you are clearly the worst coach in Cowboys history.

Which brings us to Garrett.

I know bashing Garrett has been the fun thing to do for several years now, but Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones said on Friday that he believes if/when Garrett gets to the Super Bowl, all doubts about him will be silenced for good.

Ha … yeah, right!

Unless, of course, he is right!

Consider the facts.

With Sunday’s maddening and thrilling overtime victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas is headed for its third division title under Garrett (something only matched by Switzer and Landry). At 75 regular-season wins, Garrett already places second and his winning percentage there is fourth for the club (behind Switzer, Landry, Phillips and Gailey … so unfair to fire him, sorry man). Add in a Coach of the Year honor in 2016 (something only Landry and Johnson achieved) and Garrett is positioned a lot better than you think.

But, obviously, the biggest thing missing is postseason success. Though, believe it or not, with just one playoff win in seven full seasons, Garrett’s .333 winning percentage there is still tied for fourth best with Phillips. Sad, I know.

But, back to what Jerry said Friday; I think he’s on to something.

And I believe with six more victories, Garrett will cement his status as the third best coach in franchise history … yes, really!

After reeling off five straight wins, there is no reason to think the Cowboys can’t dust off the Indianapolis Colts, Tamps Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants to complete the regular season.

That’s three.

The next three would be significantly more difficult as they would come in the form of Wild Card, Divisional and NFC Championship victories. But think about the body of Garrett’s tenure here if he got to (and I’m not even saying won) the Super Bowl. In addition to all the numbers mentioned above, Garrett would possess a record of at least .500 in eight of his nine seasons with the Cowboys and, more importantly, finally break this intolerable run of 23 seasons without advancing to even the NFC Championship Game.

That sounds like enough to me!

But, if you insist that sixth victory comes at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, well let’s just say they lost that regular-season finale to the Giants cause it’ll be meaningless for seeding purposes. There, we’re still at six wins and the Cowboys WIN the Super Bowl in this scenario. Happy?

Well, you should be – you might think that means you are stuck with Garrett for years more to come, but maybe … just maybe … you’ll be “stuck” with the third best coach this 59-year-old franchise has ever had!

I can live with that.