Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

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The Fan Grades: Cowboys Loss To Redskins

October 22, 2018 - 1:27 pm

The Fan hosts grade the Dallas Cowboys in their loss to the Washington Redskins.

RJ Choppy

Cowboys Offense: (C) They QB passed the ball pretty well, he protected the ball pretty poorly. The OL had 4 holding penalties that called back 4 First Downs. That is a killer. Oh, nice job running the ball 12 times on 1st down for 3.08 per carry when they are passing for 15.5 yards per attempt. Well done.

Cowboys Defense: (B+) They keep this team in the game more often than not. They still don't force turnovers and that can be a problem. But overall this defense is very good.

Special Teams: (D) I don't blame LP. He got screwed. Maher has to make that kick.


Cory Mageors

Cowboys Offense: (C-) This is not the best offensive line in the NFL anymore. That coupled with a QB who often times doesn't feel comfortable in the pocket and lacks anticipation is going to result in many subpar performances.

Cowboys Defense: (B) Offense could help them out by burning drives and putting up points. That would allow the line to really get after it. Peterson is a physical back and Smith is experienced and on the road they were pretty good.

Special Teams: (D-)


Kevin Hageland

Cowboys Offense: (D+) The execution in the last 5 minutes was awesome, just like it was vs. Houston and Seattle ... where is the urgency for the entirety of these road games?!

Cowboys Defense: (B) This defense is good (it's what frequently keeps Dallas in games), but forcing more (or really, any) turnovers would elevate it to elite.

Special Teams: (F) Return game remains underwhelming and, penalty or no, missed kick cost Cowboys a potential victory.