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Dez Bryant Says Amari Cooper Is "Best Thing" Cowboys Could Have Done

December 21, 2018 - 8:45 am

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Saying he still has nothing but love for the Dallas Cowboys, former star WR Dez Bryant is clearly impressed by his replacement on the team.

Talking for the first time since his season-ending injury, Dez Bryant sat down with The Fan's Ben & Skin Show to talk about lots of things, including his new business venture, growing up, his future in the NFL, and what he thinks of his former team. 

"I'm gonna always love the Cowboys," said Bryant. "I'm gonna always love Jerry Jones. I'm gonna always love those players in that locker room."

"I watch all the games," said Bryant. 

Even though Bryant has been critical on social media of the team's shortcomings, he is clearly impressed with what they've accomplished in the second half of the season and with his replacement Amari Cooper.

When asked about the current 'Red Zone' issues they team seems to be having, Bryant said they've fixed the problem by getting Amari Cooper.

"(He's) probably the best thing they could've ever done" said Bryant of Cooper. "The dude is phenomenal. I don't know what Oakland was doing. Dallas' offense reminds me so much of Alabama. It's slowed down, his type of route tree. He's gonna be dominant." 

When the talk turned to Bryant's own career, how his rehab is going and if he plans on returning to football, Dez said he's ready to "throw up the X" again.

"I have to. I got business and I got ball," said Bryant. "I can't end like this. I have to throw the X up."