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Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, To Seattle If...

January 04, 2019 - 12:33 pm

The Fan hosts give their predictions for the Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys Wild Card game. 

The Dallas Cowboys will win, or lose, if...

RJ Choppy

Cowboys will win if: Seattle allows them to use the middle of the field like the Giants did. And if they do the Cowboys need to exploit it.

Cowboys will lose if: The Cowboys get less than 30 YAC.


Gavin Dawson

Cowboys will win if: The Amari Cooper addition is enough to change the dynamics between these two teams.

Cowboys will lose if: Their DTs get thrown around and their linebackers get eaten up by o-line in the run game.


Mike Bacsik

Cowboys will win if: Zeke has 200 yards from scrimmage and Cowboys win the turnover battle.

Cowboys will lose if: Think Colts. They can be like the Colts. Carson and Wilson control the clock and play from ahead.


Jeff Cavanaugh

Cowboys will win if:  They play the way they normally do at home. Prevent big plays and don't miss any kicks.

Cowboys will lose if: They get manhandled at the line of scrimmage and Russell Wilson doesn't turn it over.


Cory Mageors

Cowboys will win if: They score on more than half of their drives and don't turn the ball over. This is a tough defense that doesn't give up big plays and thrived on picking up fumbles, they recovered 14 this year.

Cowboys will lose if: If they give up multiple big passes within 35 yards of the end zone and don't tackle, Chris Carson is a beast to tackle and they need to stop him behind the line of scrimmage on each first down.

Comments: This could be another overtime game based on the way these two teams play. Alot of people say this team mirrors the Cowboys, I feel like SEA looks more like the 2014 Cowboys with their run first mentality and strike with big plays capabilities. It's gonna be a blast.


Kevin 'KT' Turner

Cowboys will win if: They have the ball last

Cowboys will lose if: They struggle to stop the run early in the game, and have issues keeping Russell Wilson in the pocket. He can be bothered, but he’s a sneaky little rascal.

Comments: As much as I hate to say it...Seahawks 23 Cowboys 20. I trust that QB and that Coach way more than our QB and our coach. Go Cowboys!


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