Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints


The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against The Saints If...

November 28, 2018 - 1:08 pm

The Fan hosts weigh-in on the upcoming Thursday night game between the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

The Cowboys will win, or lose, if....

Gavin Dawson

The Cowboys will win if: Good defenses CAN slow down Brees. Baltimore's top-rated defense held them to 24 in October.

The Cowboys will lose if: They take some risks and it pays off. 4th down, fake punt, Dak running.


Mike Bacsik

The Cowboys will win if: Tyron Smith plays, Dak has a great game from start to finish, and Tank gets to Brees often.

The Cowboys will lose if: The Saints get off to an early lead and Cowboys struggle to run the ball.

Comments: 31-27 Saints if Smith plays. 34-17 if Flemming plays.


Jeff Cavanaugh

The Cowboys will win if: They win the turnover battle and have the ball for more than 32 minutes.

The Cowboys will lose if: The turnover battle is even and you have to outscore them.


Kevin 'KT' Turner: 

The Cowboys will win if: Avoid the big plays. The Cowboys can play the bend and don’t break style, just don’t give up any easy touchdowns. Cowboys are a good tackling team who doesn’t give up a lot of big plays, that will be huge in holding down the Saints. On offense, attack matchups in the secondary, and for the love of all things holy, please protect the QB. If he’s got time and comfort in the pocket then he’s got a chance to be dangerous.

The Cowboys will lose if: If Dak has no time. The possibility of Tyron not playing makes me really nervous. Cowboys DT depth will he put to the test in this game as well against Ingram/Kamara.

Comments: Close game but not enough. Saints 27 Cowboys 23


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