The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against The Rams If...

January 10, 2019 - 9:07 am

The Fan hosts weigh in. The Cowboys will win, or lose, against the Rams in the NFL Divisional Playoff if...


RJ Choppy

Cowboys Will Win If: They limit the Rams to 10 or fewer possessions.


Gavin Dawson

Cowboys Will Win If: Thye pressure the QB. Goff is a different player under durress.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They struggle to run the ball against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.


Cory Mageors

Cowboys Will Win If: They control the clock and don't let the Rams turn it into a marathon. Score often but keep the Rams off the field.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They get behind by two TD's before halftime and can't cover deep while also rolling underneath to stop Gurley in the passing game.

Comments: I said last week's game would be down to the wire, I think one of these two teams dominates the other and pulls away in the third quarter. Cowboys by 5.


Kevin Hageland

Cowboys Will Win If: They take advantage of a simple equation: Great run game + Poor opponent run defense = VICTORY!

Cowboys Will Lose If: The Red Zone defense crumbles; The Rams will get inside the 20, what happens next?

Comments: Call me a fool, call me a homer, call me delusional - whatever, I believe (for at least one more week) and Cowboys win, 31-30


Kevin 'KT' Turner

Cowboys Will Win If: They take care of the ball, and get 7 when they are in the redzone. Dak has to have time to throw. Biggest part of this game for the Cowboys offense is the play of the interior offfensive line. On Defense, if they play smart, and are aware of the Rams penchant for play-action, then they should be fine. Goff gets a little antsy when you put him under duress.

Cowboys Will Lose If: They lose if Dak is never able to get comfortable in the pocket. Interior pressure from Donald, Suh, etc, could change the game.


Jonathan 'Shippy' Shipman

Cowboys Will Win If: The Cowboys offensive line is able to control the line of scrimmage and keeps the pocket clean for Dak.I'd love to see the Cowboys use play-action a bunch against a defense that knows they struggle stopping the run.

Cowboys Will Lose If: The Cowboys turn the ball over twice or more and the Rams defensive line causes havoc in the pocket. I worry about the Cowboys ability to be able to come back if they get down by two scores or more against a Rams defense that has shown the ability to make big, game-changing plays this year as you saw in the Rams-Chiefs shootout earlier this season.


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