Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper

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Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against Buccaneers If...

December 21, 2018 - 11:46 am

The Fan host give their pregame predictions. The Dallas Cowboys will win, or lose, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if...

Gavin Dawson

Win: They win the turnover battle and convert yards to points. Simple as that with the Cowboys. And the defense has to bounce back. 23 allowed in 3 of last 4. Not good enough to expect winning with this offense.

Lose: They don't take it away from a highly turnover prone team. It's actually possible and my biggest concern because Tampa can move it especially with D Jackson coming back.


Mike Bacsik

Win: They score more points than the Bucs. Bacsik Joke. The Cowboys play defense like they have most of the 2nd half of the season.

Lose: Dak can't pass the ball against 1 of the worst defenses in football.


Jeff Cavanaugh


Lose: Zero takeaways could easily equal a loss. They have a big play offense and the better QB.



Win: As long as they don’t give up many big plays on the outside, I’m confident they win this game. TB has a good offense but the Cowboys are clearly a superior NFL team. Get pressure on Jameis, which you didn’t do last week against Luck.

Lose: The Cowboys lose if they settle for field goals in the redzone and if the O-Line has another poor outing at the line of scrimmage. TB gives up 80% touchdowns inside the redzone, this is the week to fix your redzone woes.

Comments: I think the Cowboys roll them 34-17 to win the NFC East.


Cory Mageors

Win: They only give up 3 or less big plays as Mike Evans has the second most 20+ yard plays in the NFL. Also, inside of 5 yards, FEED THAT MAN.

Lose: They can't generate any offense between the 20's aside from dump off passes to Zeke. I want the bowling ball to have legs in the red zone.


Kevin Hageland

Win: They are significantly more effective inside the 40 and prevent Mike Evans from going H.A.M.

Lose: Turnovers and special teams remain problematic; watch for that in the playoffs too

Comments: The Bucs' season is over ... so give them a reason to quit! The division race ends Sunday; Cowboys win, 27-16