Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys

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The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against Atlanta If...

November 16, 2018 - 10:29 am

The Fan hosts give their feedback on the upcoming game. The Dallas Cowboys will win, or lose, against the Atlanta Falcons if...

RJ Choppy

Cowboys will win if: Dak makes NFL throws like he did last week vs Philly.

Cowboys will lose if: They are spooked by the building that was the scene of the crime last year and can't block.


Mike Bacsik

Cowboys will win if: Zeke has close to 200 yards rushing/receiving. Win the turnover battle.

Cowboys will lose if: Falcons play like they have most of the year at home.


Jeff Cavanaugh

Cowboys will win if: They can limit the Falcons passing attack. Cowboys should be able to score on a bad Atlanta defense.

Cowboys will lose if: Matt Ryan throws for 300+ yards and 3 scores.

Comments: Falcons 27, Cowboys 20


Cory Mageors

Cowboys will win if: They can block it. Dak has been sacked 54 times since the last time he was in ATL. It was a mere 35 in 24 games before that. Block it up front and get the run game going and this team can keep Matt Ryan's offense on the sideline.

Cowboys will lose if: If they don't take advantage of mistakes. The Falcons will have a bad drive or turn the ball over and the Cowboys have to make them pay when that happens. If they don't then the Cowboys are betting they can keep pace offensivley, which they can't. Tilt the playing field with great defense that should give you more possessions.

Comments: I'm very concerned about this game. This is a "I'd like to have that one back" moment. If Dak and th Cowboys can't find a motivating factor in that, I don't know what can move them.


Kevin 'KT' Turner

Cowboys will win if: People over react like last year’s game wasn’t a 3 point game at halftime without Zeke and Tyron. Obviously we know how that ended. Cowboys win if they play with pace and tempo on offense, they use Dak in the running game, and they take some shots on the outside. Atlanta gives up yards and points, it’s what they are best at. You’ll also need a huge game out of Byron and Chido on the outside against Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley

Cowboys will lose if: If they don’t protect the quarterback, don’t take care of the ball, and don’t dumb down the offense to a point where Atlanta’s horrible defense is able to cover a small surface area. We’re talking about a team who has major coverage issues on the outside, so you gotta at least try to make them earn their paycheck.

Comments: I’d feel better about this game if Atlanta was coming off a win, rather than a loss. Matt Ryan will carve you up if you don’t pressure him. I think it’ll be close, but sadly I’m going with Atlanta 30 - Dallas 23.


Gavin Dawson

Cowboys will win if: Good Dak shows up and the Coaches don't go too conservative.

Cowboys will lose if: They fal into the trap of thinking the best way to win is to play keep away.

Comments: Boys 31-27