Mageors: Cowboys Draft, Trade Everything For Ed Oliver

Cory Mageors
April 22, 2019 - 2:46 pm
Houston defensive lineman Ed Oliver

© Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Since everybody is likely giving you a pretty strong candidate for who they should take first, I’m throwing out my dream. 

Trade everything for Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle. 

This would be equivalent to the Ricky Williams trade, but also comparable to the Cowboys 2009 Draft. Essentially a bunch of wasted picks. But you’d get a stud for all of the picks instead. 

This will not happen, and honestly I think Will McClay can do better with a stack of chips rather than one all in play, so the Cowboys are staying in good hands by sticking to the plan. 

From there, give me a RB, SS and another offensive lineman to grow. Keep churning the positions of high turnover and short life expectancy with fresh bodies. This way you never get forced into a spot where you HAVE to take a player. 

None of this plan works if you trade everybody for Ed Oliver though, so don’t do that part! 

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