Baylor Coach Says Don't Worry About Rangers First Two Draft Picks Being Third Basemen

Josh Clark
June 05, 2019 - 12:19 pm
Josh Jung

Steven Branscombe | 2018 Jun 20


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Baylor head baseball coach Steve Rodriguez has an answer for all of the skeptics who criticized the Rangers decision to select two third basemen with their first round picks in the MLB Draft. 

Texas selected Texas Tech third baseman Josh Jung (pronounced Young) with the No. 8 overall pick and then turned around and selected Baylor's Davis Wendzel, who also plays the hot corner, with the No. 41 overall pick. 

Some fans and media members were quick to question why Texas would select two collegiate third baseman, assuming they'd not be able to play together in the minor leagues and would block one another down the road with the big league club. 

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Rodriguez discussed the decision with 105.3 The Fan's Jared Sandler Wednesday and said he doesn't see a problem with it because of Jung and Wendzel's athleticism. 

"I'm sure people are wondering (why the Rangers would draft) two third basemen, the big thing is they're really good athletes. It will find a way to play itself out whether they move one to short, one to third, one to first, the outfield, whatever it is. They're just great athletes. And when you have great athletes on the field it makes it really easy."

Jung spent the majority of his time at shortstop this season for the Red Raiders, but the Rangers have said they see him as a third baseman. So where does that leave Wendzel? Well, Rodriguez could speak more openly about his versatility seeing as he played under his watch for the last few years.  

"He's been here for three years ... and what people are going to see from him is his sheer athleticism. He's unbelievably athletic. I know he was drafted probably as a third baseman but when we first got him here we kind of had him as an infielder and as a backup catcher, but he actually probably started his first game for us in left field just because he has the speed. (He's) Very athletic, (has) great hand-eye coordination and pretty good speed for a guy his size."

Jared then asked what positions he would feel comfortable playing on day one with Texas?

"He could play third, short, first, and I'd put him in the outfield in a heartbeat if someone needed him out there. Right now, he could probably do that without batting an eye."

Rodriguez also talked about Jung's abilities, Wendzel's appearance (he has a big beard and long hair), and talked about the Rangers sixth round pick, Baylor left-handed pitcher Cody Bradford: