Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant: Cowboys Never Helped Me

July 30, 2018 - 10:14 am

OXNARD, California (105.3 The Fan) - By now, you've seen the headline-grabbing tweets that Dez Bryant posted on Friday. 

In one, he said the Dallas Cowboys offensive play calling in 2017 was "garbage," and in another one, he called Sean Lee a "snake" and said Jerry Jones was "clueless" to what was happening around him.

One tweet slipped by without much notice, however. 

The night after the initial tweet storm, Bryant shot down a fan that said the Cowboys worked really hard to help him overcome self-inflicted obstacles in his life. 

"Say don’t get me started with this... they NEVER HELPED ME!!!," Bryant said. 

Bryant was involved in numerous incidents in the early stages of his career that the Cowboys appeared to help him through.

Among them were: 

In 2011, Bryant was involved in a "major disturbance" at North Park mall and was banned for sagging his pants and cursing at a security guard.

In 2012, he was sued by two jewelers that claimed he didn't pay for custom jewelry and tickets to sports events totaling almost $575,000. 

Later in 2012, Dez was arrested and charged with domestic abuse after he allegedly slapped his mother. 

In 2016, Bryant was sued by Texas State Senator Royce West for damages to a home he was renting from him. The damages totaled $60,000.

Bryant countersued his former adviser, before they later settled the suit amicably and dropped their lawsuits against one another.