Chiefs QB Mahomes Hanging In Dallas - At Derek Holland's House

Mike Fisher
February 21, 2019 - 11:50 am

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Patrick Mahomes this week made a trip to Southern California to promote and play "Call of Duty: Black Ops,'' the popular video game. But soon he'll be home. In Dallas. In Derek Holland's house.

Mahomes is, of course, the breakout star of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Texas native and son of former Texas Rangers baseball star Mahomes last year finishing with 5,097 passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns for a Chiefs team that achieved an AFC-best 12-4 record.

Holland is, of course, the fun-loving former Rangers pitcher who is now in Scottsdale, Arizona, at spring training with the San Francisco Giants. My impression is that Holland is also a video game guy, but I'm completely certain that Derek is generous with the keys to his lovely DFW home, given the number of semi-permanent houseguests who hang there.

Mahomes is the latest beneficiary of Holland's magnanimity -- "He's also using my Dallas Mavericks tickets,'' Holland tells me, "so you'll see him at the AAC, too'' -- and we can assume that Treyarch, the Santa Monica video games developer that hosted his SoCal visit, gifted him with goodies to bring back to the Holland house.

Mahomes made news this offseason when a video of him playing basketball surfaced. The Chiefs frowned on that practice; they don't want their young franchise QB blowing out a knee on the hardwood.

“No more basketball,'' he told reporters. Patrick Mahomes' offseason regimen: A whole lotta video games "Basketball lasted all of one time.''

So, Mahomes said to the media in SoCal, he's playing lots of golf ... trying to improve his nutrition and experimenting with yoga ... and involving himself in lots and lots of video game playing. Mahomes said that during the season, he played "an hour or two'' a week of Call of Duty per week during the season and indicated that number has increased greatly this offseason.

“My girlfriend, she gets mad at me sometimes when you start playing Call of Duty, and then you look down and it’s, like, three hours from where you started,” Mahomes said. “I might get a knock at the door in the game room that says I need to stop playing, but I usually get a couple matches in after that.”