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Jalen Ramsey

The NFL's loudest trash talker has little to say after consecutive lopsided losses.Read more

Kyler Murray

Some things to know about Week 8 in the Big 12 Conference, when there are only two games on the schedule.Read more

Dallas Cowboys

Well more than half of Dak Prescott’s sacks and all four of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s interceptions have come on the road.Read more

Pop Warner, the country's largest youth football program, is implementing a concussion-awareness initiative aimed at educating young athletes about how to recognize symptoms of a head injury.Read more
NBA G-League

The G League is planning to offer an option to players who are not yet eligible for the NBA draft a chance to turn pro out of high school and avoid the college one-and-done route.Read more

Roger Goodell

NFL officiating was not a hot topic in the formal owners meetings that ended Wednesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell noted.Read more

 Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve
Major League Baseball has concluded that a Houston Astros employee was only monitoring opposing dugouts during the postseason to make sure other teams weren't breaking rules.Read more
 Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays
The Houston Astros may be defending more than their World Series title.Read more
The Houston Astros might find themselves defending more than their World Series title.Read more
AP Marquise Goodwin

The Steelers, Packers, Seahawks and Raiders have byes this week, and the real roster management challenge begins.Read more