5 Big Questions About The NFL Draft

Cory Mageors
April 23, 2018 - 8:53 am
AT&T Stadium

Credit: J.Burkett Photo


Has it really sunk in that the 2018 NFL Draft is actually about take place in DFW?

To be honest, I have no clue what to think. This is an experience I have neither endured, nor prepared for. I am however, about as excited as I have ever been for a draft.

Since all of the hosts at 105.3 The Fan are going to be at Pluckers all around the Metroplex, it does feel a little like last year in that I am going to be at a poppin location watching the NFL Draft.

The difference is, it’s taking place in our town (Arlington) and there is a sense of pride regarding how we show off this great state.

I know there are tons of questions surrounding this draft regarding players and more, I have a few as well that I’m hoping will be answered by the time things wrap up over the weekend.


Where exactly will Jerry Jones be doing most of his work?

As we all know, Jerry loves to be front and center when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. Hosting an event this enormous means it’s the perfect opportunity for him to be the ambassador of DFW to the entire country of NFL Fans.

However, the draft work and the draft ceremonies are in two different locations.

It makes sense that Jerry’s helicopter 'Jerr-Force 1' would be the perfect piece to get him back and forth for whatever he needs, but will he be out in front of fans or in the foxhole with his draft experts?

The answer is, this family can spread the duties.

Jerry and Stephen Jones plan on staying at The Star completely focusing on draft duties in order to make sure phones are being worked and the proper channels of operation are being followed to get the guy they would like to pick. That being said, I know some fans would rather him be out of the building when picks are being made. No way that happens, the man owns and runs this team and he loves the rush that comes with making picks and calling those new Cowboys to give them the news.

Charlotte Jones-Anderson will be the NFL diplomat when it comes to the NFL Experience and the duties that will be taking place at AT&T stadium.  To be honest, I can’t think of a better person to head up that portion of the event.


Will this draft be enough to convince the NFL to bring it back to Dallas?

The 2019 and 20120 finalist cities are Cleveland/Canton, Kansas City, Tennessee, Denver and Las Vegas. The winners will be announced at the Spring League Meeting in May and a winning city cannot host the draft in both years.

There is no doubt in my mind, Jerry and the Joneses want to convince the NFL that this is the absolute best possible location in the future, not just because of the site, but because of the hospitality and the ability to assist the function.

This isn’t the only event Jerry wants to host here again though, he wants the Super Bowl held at AT&T again. The last outing did not quite go the way everybody would have liked, with the ice and the seating fiasco. Jerry wants the opportunity to bring that spectacle and money back to Arlington.

The next slate of Super Bowls are as follows:

2019: Atlanta, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Super Bowl 53

2020: South Florida, Hard Rock Stadium, Super Bowl 54

2021: Tampa Bay, Raymond James Stadium, Super Bowl 55

2022: Los Angeles, Los Angeles Stadium, Super Bowl 56

So while the entire draft experience will be a superb event, there is an underlying desire to bring the Super Bowl back to DFW.


What surprises are in store?

This question touches on a number of things.

Last year, Drew Pearson gave the greatest introduction speech of all time when he roused the crowd with the introduction of the 60th pick in the second round in Philadelphia.

Who will be this year’s Drew Pearson?

There are often amazing trades all over the board, which one will be the biggest reach?

How will the NFL try to capture the hearts of the fans who love them? Every year there is a guest announcer that always pulls my heart strings and those types of things are once in a lifetime experiences that are amazing opportunities.

This year the NFL is bringing the “Inner Circle” experience where 50 hand selected fans for each of the 32 teams will be given their own section to get rowdy and loud for each pick in the draft for all three days. They also get some sweet swag to go along with it, and I think the NFL did an amazing job putting this idea together.


Who will the Cowboys draft with their No. 1 pick?

The first pick for your draft is supposed to be a player that can make an impact immediately for some clubs, or is the future of the franchise for others. Unfortunately the Cowboys won their final game of the season last year and slip about four spots in the draft.

Every year a few first round grades slip in the draft, and the Cowboys have proven they are more than capable of taking advantage of waiting for a good guy to fall in their lap ex. Zack Martin. Unless the Cowboys craftily trade some other picks to move up in this draft, they will have to be victims to the board and wait for whatever is left out of a good but not necessarily deep group of players.

Good for the Cowboys, some of the positions they need are deep in this draft, bad for the Cowboys some of the players you’d love to add with the first pick aren’t necessarily going to be there.

No Predictions here, you’ll have to check out the K&C Masterpiece this week for that.


Who will the 105.3 The Fan hosts draft?

The last two years Jeff Cavanaugh and Kevin Turner have had a couple of late round interviews with scouting and staff and made suggestions to those guys that they grab a certain player. Moments later, the guy Jeff and KT suggested was picked by the Cowboys.

Anthony Brown falls in that category as well as Xavier Woods. Both proved to have fantastic rookie seasons.

I can’t wait to hear who the two of them suggest to pick up this year with all of the Cowboys extra compensatory picks in the late rounds. That’s the type of coverage you get at 105.3 The Fan.


Happy Draft week everybody, can’t wait to see what we get to unwrap on one of the most sacred NFL holidays of the year.